Logica COVID-19 FHIR Profile Library IG
0.10.1 - CI Build

Logica COVID-19 FHIR Profile Library IG - Local Development build (v0.10.1). See the Directory of published versions

Signs Symptoms Diagnoses Comorbidities

This page outlines profiles for COVID-19 signs and symptoms, diagnoses, and underlying medical conditions.

Signs and Symptoms

The following profiles are for recording/transmitting data associated with COVID-19 signs and symptoms. This is not a comprehensive list. It will be added to as we receive information from contributing partners.

There are two profiles in this area, one for the assertion of the presence of the sign or symptom and one for the assertion of the absence of the sign or symptom. We fell this adds a level of safety to the recoding/transmitting of this data. Using a single profile to represent the presence and absence of a symptom could result in the mis-identification of a symptom’s being present when it is absent.

Signs and Sympotoms Present

Signs and Symptoms Absent

COVID-19 Diagnoses

The following are profiles to record/transmit any COVID-19 associated diagnoses; one for using SNOMED CT codes and one for using ICD 10 codes.

COVID-19 SNOMED CT Diagnoses

COVID-19 ICD10 Diagnoses

COVID-19 Underlying Medical Conditions

These profiles are used to capture the existence or absence of conditions, situations, procedures, or other issues that could exacerbate COVID-19 or that could be exacerbated by COVID-19. The value set for this is somewhat short for now and contains many general categories. It will change over time as people and organizations make suggestions or have requirements. Specific profiles for comorbid categories will also be created, such as “COVID-19 Chronic Lung Diesase Comorbidities”, and will have value sets of conditions specific to and members of the general category.

COVID-19 Underlying Medical Conditions Present

COVID-19 Underlying Medical Conditions Absent

Specific COVID-19 Underlying Medical Conditions

These profiles are used to capture specific underlying conditions that belong to categories. For example, underlying cardiovascular conditions. This list will grow over time as more categories are identified. The value sets for these profiles will also grow over time as we recieve feedback and input from users and interested parties.

COVID-19 cardiovascular underlying condition

COVID-19 neurologic underlying condition

COVID-19 immunocompromised underlying condition

COVID-19 respiratory underlying condition

COVID-19 metabolic underlying condition

COVID-19 hemoglobinopathy underlying condition

COVID-19 renal underlying condition

COVID-19 immune underlying condition

COVID-19 gastrointestinal and hepatic underlying condition

COVID-19 uncategorized underlying condition