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COVID-19 Signs and Symptoms Value Set


Defining URL:http://fhir.logicahealth.org/covid19/ValueSet/covid19-signs-1nd-symptoms-value-set
Title:COVID-19 Signs and Symptoms Value Set

The set of SNOMED CT codes that represent the signs and symptoms associated with COVID 19.

Source Resource:XML / JSON / Turtle


Content Logical Definition

Logical Definition (CLD)



This value set contains 37 concepts

Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 09-Mar 2020

All codes from system http://snomed.info/sct

21522001Abdominal pain (finding)
13791008Asthenia (finding)
84387000Asymptomatic (finding)
131148009Bleeding (finding)
29857009Chest pain (finding)
43724002Chill (finding)
40917007Clouded consciousness (finding)
9826008Conjunctivitis (disorder)
49727002Cough (finding)
62315008Diarrhea (finding)
3006004Disturbance of consciousness (finding)
11833005Dry cough (finding)
267036007Dyspnea (finding)
84229001Fatigue (finding)
103001002Feeling feverish (finding)
426000000Fever greater than 100.4 Fahrenheit (finding)
25064002Headache (finding)
66857006Hemoptysis (finding)
248567008Indrawing of ribs during respiration (finding)
57676002Joint pain (finding)
79890006Loss of appetite (finding)
44169009Loss of sense of smell (finding)
36955009Loss of taste (finding)
30746006Lymphadenopathy (disorder)
367391008Malaise (finding)
68962001Muscle pain (finding)
68235000Nasal congestion (finding)
64531003Nasal discharge (finding)
422587007Nausea (finding)
162397003Pain in throat (finding)
28743005Productive cough (finding)
38880002Rigor (finding)
91175000Seizure (finding)
46742003Skin ulcer (disorder)
282145008Unable to walk (finding)
422400008Vomiting (disorder)
56018004Wheezing (finding)

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