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COVID-19 respiratory underlying condition reference set


Defining URL:http://fhir.logicahealth.org/covid19/ValueSet/covid19-underlying-respiratory-condition-value-set
Title:COVID-19 respiratory underlying condition reference set

A set of codes that describe underling respiratory conditions for COVID19.

Source Resource:XML / JSON / Turtle


Content Logical Definition

Logical Definition (CLD)



This value set contains 22 concepts

Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 09-Mar 2020

All codes from system http://snomed.info/sct

427099000Active tuberculosis (disorder)
22607003Asbestosis (disorder)
195967001Asthma (disorder)
12295008Bronchiectasis (disorder)
63480004Chronic bronchitis (disorder)
13645005Chronic obstructive lung disease (disorder)
39871006Chronic respiratory failure (disorder)
719218000Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia (disorder)
190905008Cystic fibrosis (disorder)
931000119107Dependence on supplemental oxygen (finding)
37471005Extrinsic allergic alveolitis (disorder)
51615001Fibrosis of lung (disorder)
700250006Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (disorder)
64667001Interstitial pneumonia (disorder)
233703007Interstitial lung disease (disorder)
40100001Obliterative bronchiolitis (disorder)
78275009Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (disorder)
87433001Pulmonary emphysema (disorder)
991000119106Reactive airway disease (disorder)
36485005Restrictive lung disease (disorder)
31541009Sarcoidosis (disorder)
56717001Tuberculosis (disorder)

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Level A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
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